A longtime resident of Riverside, California, Mr. Dickerman has been practicing law for 30 years after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of California, Berkeley and his law degree from Western State University.  He has devoted the past thirteen or so years almost exclusively in the field of elder law.

“I remember first being drawn into elder law about 13 years ago, when I began receiving numerous telephone calls from seniors, or their family members, with stories of mobile home contractors and others that had charged exorbitant fees for work that the client later found out was completely unnecessary.  I felt a sense of outrage, began making my own inquires  —  to various government agencies, the District Attorney’s office  — and discovered that the elderly were just beginning to be recognized as an entire population of susceptible victims.

The history was focused almost exclusively on child protective services.  The various frauds committed against the elderly were still recognized, but there was no war cry …

Today, there are many County agencies that direct their focus on elder fraud issues.  When a case involves civil legal action, or other areas of elder law such as conservatorships, estate planning or Medi-Cal planning, that’s where my office can lend a hand.”

Hundreds of  clients have benefitted through his legal services.  Title to real property has been returned, money recovered, and with the cooperation of the District Attorney’s Office, some wrongdoers have been put behind bars.

 Mr. Dickerman has devoted countless hours as a volunteer assisting indigent elders and as president and board of director member of a non-profit corporation devoted to providing information and transportation services to seniors and persons with disabilities.

 He is often asked to speak about elder law issues at various County government functions and workshops created to inform and educate the elderly, their caregivers and family.

If you or a loved one have an elder or senior law issue that you need help with, please pick up the phone and give us a call.  The initial telephone consultation is free.  We’re here to help.

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